• 1. A Star Wars reference

    The poisons: Fex-M3 is from the Star Wars extended universe, Meta-cyanide is from Dune, and Tiberium is from Command and Conquer.

  • 2. “House of Gaga” is misspelled

  • It should be “Haus of Gaga.”
  • 3. “Ein” is misspelled

  • It should be eins, which means 1.
  • 4. The diner in the video is from the TV show NCIS

  • 5. Gaga’s sister, Natali Germanotta

  • 6. A completely random anime reference

  • The woman in this scene gets her ass slapped by Tyrese and says “One Piece,” which refers to a popular Japanese anime.
  • 7. A porn star

  • This is apparently Alektra Blue, she’s a porn star.
  • 8. The name of the prison

  • Not really hidden, but awesome.
  • 9. “Telephone” lyrics in Swedish

  • Scrolling at the bottom of the screen are the lyrics to “Telephone” in Swedish.
  • 10. Ms. Mann from Scary Movie

    One of the security guards is Ms. Mann from Scary Movie.

Via Buzzfeed

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