O Geek Sugar postou uma lista de 10 séries Geeks que você deveria estar assistindo:

1 – Chuck

Admitted gaming geek Zachary Levi stars in Chuck, a show about an office supply store clerk-turned-spy, and is supported by sci-fi veteran (and Firefly alum) Adam Baldwin. Let’s face it — neither of them is too rough on the eyes, but there’s also all kinds of spy gear and chatter for you to really sink your teeth into.

2 – Glee

If there’s ever been a show you need to watch, it’s Glee. Yes, it’s about kids in the high school glee club, but it’s also about the reality of being an outcast —something we can all relate to.

3 – Lost

Bad news for the folks who haven’t started watching Lost yet — it’s in its final season! But on the flip side, it gives you an opportunity to watch all the seasons in succession without any breaks (so not to forget what the heck is going on). Lost is chock-full of sci-fi elements: time travel, monsters, mystery . . . you won’t be able to resist.

4 – The Office

Bears. Beats. Battlestar. One of the highlights of The Office is Dwight Shrute: a BSG and Star Wars loving paper (and printer!) salesman. Oh, the hijinks they all get into.

5 –  Caprica

This spinoff from Battlestar Galactica is worth watching on its own for the robots and futuristic tech. Syfy definitely didn’t let us down on this one!

6 – Fringe

Let’s be honest — the real star of Fringe is John Noble, a.k.a. Walter Bishop. His science always leads the team to a solution — which may make you think this show could get boring real fast; however, it stays fresh by creeping us out, making us cringe, and leaving us wondering what’s really possible every week.

7 – FlashForward

Like Lost, FlashForward may be leaving you scratching your head, but the premise is worth it — everyone on the planet goes unconscious for 137 seconds, and sees a moment of their lives six months in the future. How? Why? Exactly. Hot tip: set your DVRs for Mar. 18 when it returns.

8 – Supernatural

In its sixth season, this team of demon-hunting brothers solves murders, mysteries, and investigate paranormal happenings. It’s the perfect sci-fi fix if you aren’t into all those ghost hunting “reality” shows.

9 – V

V is coming back on Mar. 30 . . . and it’s about time! This show deals with the arrival of technologically advanced alien visitors that look like us . . . but they definitely don’t want to be us. Actually, they may in fact, hate us.

10 – Community

Three reasons why you should be watching Community: Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Chevy Chase. Not only did the role of Jeff seem to be tailor made to fit Joel McHale’s humor, but Danny Pudi as Abed is quickly becoming one of the most hilarious characters on television. And Chevy Chase? Well, you really can’t put a price on his comedic timing. Like Glee, it centers around a group of outcasts, but this time, they’re in community college. Hilarity ensues.

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